eGamer Podcast #94: Getting Rekt

Recorded: 19 August 2014

Welcome to episode ninety-four of the eGamer Podcast which has about as much gaming talk in it as EA has good faith. But hey, there’s other talk!

Topics discussed include Diablo III, The Sims 4 and getting rekt.

Here are the shownotes for this week:

  • Get MLG rekt!
  • Going from playing Sacred 3 to playing Diablo III.
  • Bianca has a semi.
  • We share some of our recent derps, and shitty journalism.
  • Cue the sad violins.
  • If you’re pre-ordering The Sims 4, don’t.
  • We take a moment to hate on talk about ACIII.
  • No more origin stories for Marvel movies.
  • There really isn’t much gaming talk this week.
  • We talk about gaming tattoos we’d get.
  • Get Snoop rekt!
  • What do you even do at the end of your studies?
  • And now for some Russians.
  • We answer your questions.
  • Get fruit rekt!
  • Cool band names, because we can.
  • Dom finishes all over the podcast.

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  • I am POItjie

    Sorry Cavie, But the Comrades is not 70km, it is actually 90km. So I take it that is a no for all my questions. Ok, I see how this game is being played.

    • Caveshen Rajman

      But I said I’d support you!

  • Masterchief

    I started listening to this Podcast for the first time. It seems like you all lost the meaning of gaming and that you all should cheer up. I am also very disappointed in all the racism or the try and be funny racism in the Podcast.

    It is bit overdone and gets out of hand. You might find it funny, but some people might find this very offensive. I don’t care what you do, but try and tone it down for other, please.

    • I am POItjie

      Lol on the cheering up part. Just want to say they not always like that on their podcast. Sometimes when they don’t talk about gaming they just make lots of “chatter”. Listen to some of there others.

    • Caveshen Rajman

      This week was a rough one. We had practically nothing to talk about. :P

    • Caveshen Rajman

      Wait, you don’t care what we do but you’re asking us to change what we do? :P

      Look this week’s episode was one of those anomalous ones because we’re all sick and tired and busy with life but we still wanted to put out a podcast for our listeners. Now I get that this week’s episode didn’t agree with you but perhaps try out last week’s episode and see how you feel about that, and if you still feel the same then perhaps our podcast isn’t your cup of tea. And that’s fine, there are plenty podcasts on the internet and we’re at least grateful that you gave us a try. :)

    • AG_Sonday

      I think a lot of us are in a slump of sorts with regards to gaming. Come Oct/Nov we’ll be right as rain. As for the racism, as Poitjie said it’s not always that bad but it is a factor of our humour.

      We tend to make racial jokes, about our own races and others, not to be offensive but we can understand if you feel we’ve crossed a line. As suggested, please try some of our previous episodes where we actually do some real discussion and don’t descend into a 1000 racial jokes.

  • NeoN

    Wowzor! Had no idea your guys’ Dota 2 gaming was taking over. Not sure if you were kidding or not about ending at 3am. X_x

    • CataclysmicDawn

      They really aren’t. It’s quite saddening really :(

    • AG_Sonday

      It’s mostly driven by Azhar who has the worse sleep patterns than Batman (he’ll take it as a compliment :P)

    • Caveshen Rajman

      Admittedly it’s only on weekends now, but yeah there was a point during the recent holiday… :P