Watch E3 Live

Can you feel it? No, not the cold. Let’s all shut up about the weather for a moment and let the console flame wars heat us up. It’s E3 week, people and that means a few things.

Firstly, there’s going to be more marketing than Marlboro had when their cigarettes were represented by a man. Secondly, there are probably going to be a few lies. That’s expected at a show that’s all about smoke and mirrors.

Thirdly, there are going to be press conferences. Most of the EGMR contingent will be glued to our PC monitors to catch all that Microsoft, Sony, EA and Ubisoft have to offer. Below is the local start time of each conference.

Microsoft — 18:30 (09:30 PDT)

EA — 21:00 (12:00 PDT)

Ubisoft — 00:00 (15:00 PDT)

Sony — 03:00 (18:00 PDT)

You can watch the livestream of each conference over on Twitch or GameSpot.


  • NeoN

    Salute to you guys who will be reporting all nite. :)