Review: Goat Simulator Is A Goat-Tastic Michael Bay Inspired Explosion


Firstly, it must be stated that Goat Simulator is a parody game, meant purely for fun. If you try to take it as it more than that, then you’ll be seriously disappointed. If you’re a fan of goats, then this my friends is the game for you. But what is Goat Simulator?

Well in the game, you play as a goat in a third-person perspective with no true objective in sight, meaning everything is pretty open ended and you are left to your own devices. All you have to do is cause mayhem and destruction. In Goat Simulator, your goat can flip, jump, headbutt, lick objects, scream and become a ragdoll, which is hilarious when you are sent flying across the map.


The game has a scoring system akin to a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game and has you pitted to create mass destruction, with plenty of style. As it ends up, the more stylish and insanely funny an explosion is, or depending on your method of destruction, the more points you will accumulate.

Further points are given to you based on pulling off successful flips, being creative, plummeting to the earth at great speed and flying across the map whilst causing all sorts of glitches and explosions. There are also other funny side objectives that require that you creatively cause mayhem with some intent in the mix, such as breaking up a family dinner or dispersing a crowd of party goers.

The true fun of Goat Simulator is creating your own fun, spending a couple of hours just mucking about in the game is what it’s really all about. The game truly rewards you for messing about and you can find hidden areas, unlock more types of goats and even become a demonic goat lord. Another great aspect of the game are the whacky physics in the game which are a true highlight.


Physics in the game will literally spazz out, when you run into a tanker it will cause a huge explosion as you headbutt into it, and if you lick an object or person in time you’ll take them along for the ride, all in distorted glory. Nearly all objects become attached to your tongue when you lick them. So there is much that can be done merely through a simple lick of the goat’s tongue.

There are also a variety of powers and equipment you can use to fuel your explosive streak. One such fun choice is the jet-pack which lets you fly around the map in dismay and cause all sorts of mayhem. You can become a demon lord and cause dead goats to rain down upon your enemies. There is even a ball machine that you can use to shoot baseballs at people as you destroy their family picnic. Nearly everything around you is destructible and finding out how to cause as much mayhem as possible is the name of the game.


Glitches and bugs, excluding those which cause crashes, are part of the game’s design even if unintended. They make the experience even funnier than one initially thinks. You glitch when climbing ladders, human bodies distort upon explosive impact and your goat will sometimes clip on pieces of the environment when you cause mayhem and destruction.

The only downside to Goat Simulator is that when you’re pulling off a ton of stylish explosions, flips, and such, the game can lag slightly. You are also limited to playing on one map, but with all the secret areas and challenges the game does have quite a lot to offer. For the asking price, if you are happy to mess about then Goat Simulator is worth the money.


Visually, the game is quite simple in its presentation and feels like many true simulator games, which improves the experience even more. Character models and animations are a funny sight to behold and the music is really enjoyable. Controller support for the game could be improved somewhat, but the game is still so enjoyable. With the endless possibilities of modding with Steam Workshop support, Goat Simulator has a great deal going for it and plenty of potential.