The MLG Won’t Change Controversial Call Of Duty Qualifier Results

Over the weekend the national Call of Duty Championship Qualifiers took place here in South Africa, and it’s no secret that there were some dodgy tactics employed by the winners, Team RiZe. They hosted games via team members in the UK, putting the rest of the local teams at a disadvantage.

After the subsequent Twitter fallout after the event, Team RiZe joined Team Adept and Team Hi5 in lodging tickets with the MLG in order to get the qualifiers nulled and possibly replayed, regardless of the fact that an officially MLG referee made the call over the weekend that lead to all of this.

And just like FIFA, the MLG is not going to take a step back and admit that they made a mistake. Last night Team Adept announced that the ruling would stand, meaning Team RiZe will be the local representatives in the Call of Duty World Championships later this year. Team Adept revealed the news via Twitter, and wished RiZe well for the tournament ahead.

Team Adept then took the opportunity to thank all the fans that we’re so vocal over the weekend, and attempted to help their case.

It’s extremely disappointing that one of the biggest Call of Duty events locally was basically ruined by international dealings, but at the very least this entire thing brought CoD players together for a brief moment, united against the unjust ruling that the MLG had brought upon the qualifiers.

We wish Team RiZe all the best at the Championship later this year.

  • NeoN

    Disappointing start to the day. :/

  • SniperWithBasher

    I wonder how Matt Merks feels about this.