eGamer Podcast #42: The Real Answer

Recorded: 30 July 2013

Welcome to episode forty-two of the eGamer Podcast, a very special episode because 42 is The Answer; you know, to Life, The Universe, And Gaming. … What do you mean that’s not special? JUST… OKAY?! This week we have AG, Adam, Azhar, Alessandro and Cavie around for recording, with Peloma away without internet and Dean away without alcohol. But to make up for it, and because it’s episode 42, we have a special guest! Bracken (CataclysmicDawn to his lovers and friends) joins the show, ladies and gentlemen. Further, this episode is almost entirely unedited. That’s right, it’s the first straight-up, untouched rendition of the podcast.

Pretty fucking special, right?

Here’s the shownotes for this week’s episode:

  • It’s episode 42, everybody!
  • Introducing Bracken, from ITF Gaming.
  • Aaaaaaand he’s immediately trolled.
  • Alessandro is fashionably late. (He was eating.)
  • We recently watched The Wolverine.
  • Adam takes over with the internet issues.
  • Who’s watching Pacific Rim this coming weekend?
  • We answer your questions.
  • Phil Fish and his childishness.
  • AG is losing his voice.
  • There’s finally DLC on its way for BioShock: Infinite.
  • Which controllers have the best batteries?
  • Azhar hates fucking manual batteries.
  • Crazy bids for footballers.
  • Cavie just won’t stop about this episode 42 thing.

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  • Trebzz

    Doesn’t Last of Us leveling up in last of Us involve those little supply cans you get in the game? Like it shows 4175 at the bottom and that’s what you need to get to unlock stuff and so on. Also thanks for answering all the questions and awesome podcast guys :)

    • CataclysmicDawn

      I think it has something to do with the midweek challenges you have to do, but I have no idea.

  • wolftrap01

    It was refreshing hearing a new voice on the podcast, may I suggest inviting a guest more often? And I don’t mean that you guys may have caused ear cancer after 42 episodes, not at all, you’re still entertaining.

    • Caveshen “CaViE” Rajman

      I’m thinking maybe for episode fifty we can get Michael Matusoofgfjgwfdhjgkfsgkwsky on. How frequently, thereafter, is the question.

    • AG_Sonday

      The only problem is we got a guy who sounds awfully like Alessandro at times :P

    • CataclysmicDawn

      And Timothy, if you believe the lies.

    • AG_Sonday

      Nothing sounds like Timothy, not even Timothy

  • CataclysmicDawn

    Thanks for having me on the podcast guys! If you ever need a voice occasionally chiming in on the podcast again, I’m always lurking around somewhere.

    • AG_Sonday

      We’d gladly have you back again only to make you regret it :P

    • Azhar Amien

      You felt dirty after your FIRST podcast with us. Imagine your second…

    • AG_Sonday

      I feel dirty after some of our podcasts but then I shrug it off and eat something to make me forget the horror

    • Caveshen “CaViE” Rajman