Gaming’s Hellish Waiting Room

There is nothing worse than waiting…

Sure, there are indeed a lot of worse things and happenings than the aforesaid waiting. A fatal blow to the head may count as one. Any disease on this planet is more than enough. I’d rather sit a waiting room than struggle day in and day out with a medical condition rendering each day tiresome and painful. Life is strange and we most certainly cannot pick and choose what comes our way. We each have our journey to take and what lies ahead or indeed around the next corner are without any fact known to us. I may assume that I’m receiving a package via courier today and I sincerely hope so, but for all I know, I may be on my way to the North Pole in search of the legendary nine and a half-leaf clover.

Speaking of courier; I think it is relatively safe to say that all of us have awaited some goods over the course of our lives. Perhaps not via courier, but maybe in the post. If not the post, hopefully a pizza. If not a pizza, then perhaps a skivvy guy wearing a long dusty overcoat with a few missing buttons and a stench of decomposing rats on the corner of a street; two blocks to the West. Excitement and anticipation play a great role when awaiting something you’ve been looking forward to. In the case of the smelly rat man; mistrust, danger and being thankful for not currently having a number of stab-wounds to the chest will prove to be a common train of thought.

Without deviating from the subject any further, the anticipation experienced while awaiting a game’s release and even the delivery of said game, can both be a strong motivation or you own mini version of “Waiting Room-Hell”. No magazines, no one interesting to talk to, no refreshments and not even any chairs to place your behind. Just a medium sized room filled with mute people; waiting. Continuously waiting. Twitching more and more as time goes by.

When that van indeed arrives at your door or workplace, or perhaps a parcel in the post, a feeling of complete joy enter one’s mind. You may also add a dash of relief.

The one facet in gaming that may prove to be enticing and both excruciation at once are without a doubt the early announcement, coupled with nice trailers and impressive gameplay videos. Like I mentioned earlier, it is great for motivation, but not so much for our amygdalas.

Throughout my life, gaming may certainly be one of the most influential aspect in regards to anticipation. I have tried more than once not to watch any trailers or more importantly, gameplay trailers in the past. Sorry, can’t help it.

For those that know me personally, I have shared my anticipation towards BioShock Infinite. I have been looking forward to it since its announcement in 2010 and with every new interview and gameplay video released; it gradually increases.

I already have a chair and book ready for the game’s release day. Sitting in the driveway and obsessively looking towards the gate at every passing vehicle, just to ensure I don’t miss the delivery van. I know they’ll call me, but hey, it is not called an obsession for nothing.

Do share with us your experiences with either waiting for a game or indeed anticipating anything gaming related.