Samsung Galaxy S III To Be Revealed In May

Samsung has announced that the third-generation Galaxy S smartphone will be revealed on 3 May, 2012. The flagship Samsung smartphone, and great rival to the Apple iPhone, will undergo a heavy marketing campaign leading into the later part of the year.

Last year saw Samsung become the world’s top smartphone maker, as the Galaxy sold outrageously well. Since the Galaxy’s release in June, 2010, Samsung has sold over 40 million units.

The unveiling of the Galaxy S III will take place in London, as Samsung will play a major part in sponsoring the 2012 Olympics.

Queue Android, or Galaxy, versus iPhone debate.

* Pictured above is the Galaxy S II.

  • Awehbru

    That’s a Galaxy S, actually ;)

  • reV

    >SIII gets announced a month after I got my SII.

    Oh you, Samsung.

    No matter, to say that I’m quite happy with my SII would be a complete understatement.

    • AG_Sonday

      Still not as abd as Apple.

  • Bukris

    keep following this story, i wanna know what’s different and new in this one

    • Dean Oberholzer

       Sure sure Shai.

  • Treble

    It looks awesome but i am getting a iphone in June so yeah :D

    • Bukris

       when u get your iphone, Download “Temple run” and “Jetpack (something)” . Best games!